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Little Scientists' House - We Are Taking Part!

The desire to experiment on the part of first and second graders at two Wesel primary schools is being awakened by the "Haus der kleinen Forscher" project. Regular visits by committed BYK employees are on the programme, as well as return visits to the schools and the DRK KiTa Abenteuerland, which has been conducting research together with BYK since 2008.

  1. Research weeks in the elementary schools in Wesel accompanied by employees of the BYK and children and employees of the GRC “Abenteuerland” children's daycare center
  2. Presentation event for the parents about the course and the content of the research weeks
  3. Return visit to BYK-Chemie in Wesel
  4. Monthly research visits by the school ambassadors to the GRC “Abenteuerland” children's daycare center 

As it was not possible to research everything about air and effervescent gases within the first weeks of research, the action was continued almost as a matter of course. The school ambassadors of BYK-Chemie are happy to support these research weeks. The special philosophy behind the Little Scientists' House project is particularly inspiring for the individual cooperation partners. For this commitment, BYK-Chemie has already been awarded the partner label of the “Little Scientists' House” foundation.
What early childhood enthusiasm can lead to is also shown in this action:
the idea of the daycare center children was to build an apple peeling, apple sauce, and apple juice machine. The children developed this machine together with the trainee industrial mechanics at BYK-Chemie. The children developed ideas and made their own sketches.
Later, the trainee industrial mechanics helped the daycare center children to put their ideas into practice, so that the machine could indeed be built and the daycare center children can press their own apple juice in the future.
In 2013, enthusiastic elementary school and daycare center children built a scratch machine made of a variety of materials. In small groups, the little researchers worked out how to create scratches and which substrates show the best scratches.
With a lot of commitment and joy, dozens of scratch machines were built and presented to all those present with pride.
These exhibits were then taken by BYK-Chemie to the schools and to the GRC “Abenteuerland” children's daycare center, where they were then discussed with other children, teachers, and parents to reach a solid project conclusion.
We would like to thank all those involved and all cooperation partners for their cooperation and successful research.