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Additives for the Oil and Gas Industry

BYK offers a wide range of addititve solutions for the manufacture of drilling fluids, cementing, completion, stimulation and production chemicals. Furthermore we provide several additive lines that can be used to solve production related problems including asphaltene deposition, paraffin wax deposition, scale formation and corrosion.

Drilling and Cementing for Oilfield

BYK manufactures several lines of additives that can be used to modify the properties of drilling fluids. The additives can be used in oil-based drilling fluids as the primary viscosifying agents and as suspension agents. BYK has a variety of additives to modify the rheological properties of a wide host of base oils to include diesel, mineral oil, polyalphaolefins, linear alpha olefins, internal olefins, linear paraffins, linear alkyl benzene and others. We also offer a wide range of anti-foam and defoaming additives for water-based drilling fluids, mud thinners, liquid rheology modifiers, H2S scavengers for both water and oil-based muds and dispersing and expansion additives for cement.

Upstream Solutions

As the demand for hydrocarbons continues to expand globally, the need for efficient and enhanced recovery of oil and gas is critical. The use of chemical additives is a crucial link in the supply chain of hydrocarbon from the well to the refinery. The upstream solutions portion of BYK‘s oil and gas business line is focused on supplying additive solutions for the production, stimulation, and completion application areas of the oilfield market.