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Additives for the Plastics Industry

BYK plastics additives are used to optimize nearly all aspects of your system. With BYK plastics additives you are able to positively influence the processing properties of your system as well as its mechanical and aesthetical properties and, ultimately, the quality of your final product. BYK plastics additives are typically used in the following application fields:

Fiber Sizing

BYK glass fiber sizing products lead to enhanced mechanical properties of polyolefin-based matrix composites and a distinctly improved bonding of the fibers with the polymer matrix. BYK is the only supplier in the world that is producing MAH grafted polymers and the film formers made from them especially designed for the manufacture of glass fiber sizing for chopped strands and continuous fibers.  BYK’s unique proprietary technology has allowed for the commercialization of MAH grafted polymers that are both high in molecular weight and %MAH grafting.  The BYK produced film formers also offer the lowest VOC content in the market . Our R&D capabilities and 100% in-house production ensure fast development times and tailored products for our customers that we supply from our production sites in Europe, USA or China.

PVC Compounds

PVC dry blends and compounds are becoming increasingly popular as a result of their versatility and cost-effectiveness. Individually formulated BYK additives are used especially for highly filled thermoplastic applications where common additives reach their limits. These products are particularly suited to inorganic pigments and fillers. This results in higher filling levels and a homogeneous distribution of fillers. These additives affect both the plastification process and the melting properties of the blends. BYK processing additives also enhance the release properties of the material, thereby increasing the efficiency of the production processes.

PVC Plastisols

PVC plastisols are used in numerous applications, ranging from floorings and wall coverings, vinyl, printing inks and textile applications to dip coatings, tarps and traffic cones. Our corresponding additive portfolio supports the production processes and helps optimize material properties.


Thanks to their versatility, thermoplastic materials are in high demand and are used in a large variety of industries and applications worldwide, from the automotive industry to electrical and electronics products and appliances, from the construction business to film and packaging. For industrial applications such as cables, food packaging or structural components, BYK offers manifold performance solutions including thermal stabilization, flame retardancy, processing aids, UV stabilization, and nucleation. In the area of thermoplastics for the transport industry, we are a reliable partner for your automotive applications, providing coupling agents, high performance reinforcing materials, thermal stabilizers, and one-pack solutions.


Our additive portfolio for thermosets contains products for a wide range of applications including advanced composites. Through this portfolio, we serve all technologies employed within the industry (for example sheet and bulk molding compounds, pultrusion, infusion hand lay-up/spray-up etc.). Our products are suited to unsaturated polyester, vinyl esters, epoxy, polyurethanes, or acrylates. Applications include fiber-reinforced composites, gel coats and casting compounds, electrical and electronics insulations, polymer concrete, as well as engineered and artificial stone.