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BYK creates new compounds in Schkopau

Packaging and toys, roof rails and window profiles, housings for electrical appliances and components for the automotive industry - the market for thermoplastics is almost inexhaustible. BYK Schkopau (near Halle/Leipzig) has specialized with its products in the field of thermoplastics and in the manufacture of high-performance modifiers for plastics. Around 50 people are employed at BYK in Schkopau.


BYK-Chemie GmbH
Value Park Y42
06258 Schkopau

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The BYK technology uses a new way to combine polymers with other substances. A well-known example is wood-plastic composite materials (WPCs). For example, in a thermoplastic process, new decking boards are produced from different ratios of wood, plastics, and additives. These have a particularly positive impact due to their resistance to weather and the closed appearance without wood splinters.

With the help of BYK additives, materials - such as wood and plastic - that originally come from different application areas can thus be combined to form solidly bonded modern composite materials with new and more diverse applications.