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We take responsibility

We are an innovative and growing company. We produce and sell our high-quality products worldwide.

We make environmental protection, as well as the protection of the neighborhood and our employees, sustainable. We have set ourselves the goal of minimizing the environmental impact of BYK, our ecological “footprint.” Our Group-wide Guiding Principles say: “It is a corporate responsibility to protect the environment and the health of our employees and to ensure safety.” This responsibility is binding for us all over the world.

We have designed all the processes of our production and our operations such that they do not pose a burden on the neighborhood or the environment. For example, the exhaust air from the two production sites in Wesel and Kempen is carefully cleaned in exhaust air cleaning plants. There is no production at the Emmelsum location. There, the products are stored in tightly closed containers.

The groundwater also remains clean. At all five BYK locations, all areas where solid or liquid substances are used are sealed in such a way that these substances cannot penetrate the ground.

In addition to this, together with ALTANA we have been supporting the Global Product Strategy (GPS) – an initiative for the safe handling of chemicals – for many years.

GPS is one of many initiatives of the International Council of Chemical Associations (ICCA) for the protection of people and the environment. The initiative thus makes a significant contribution to the Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management (SAICM).