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Maximum safety for our neighbors

We have very high demands for the safety of our company. We take our responsibility far beyond the legal requirements in order to avoid being a nuisance or causing disruption to our neighbors. If an accident does occur, we are well prepared for it. This allows us to limit the effects as much as possible.

We also do a lot for the occupational safety and health of our employees, as they are our greatest asset in the consistent pursuit of sustainability goals. They work on sustainable solutions and products with a high level of commitment, creativity, and professionalism.

We have designed all the processes of our production and operations such that they do not have any adverse effects on the neighborhood or the environment. 

The groundwater also remains clean. At all BYK locations, all areas where solid or liquid substances are used are sealed in such a way that these substances cannot penetrate the ground.

All buildings, especially the production and storage rooms, are equipped with automatic fire detection systems. The alarm triggered by these systems is automatically routed to the local fire department in Wesel.
We conduct regular drills with the Wesel fire department. These drills are used to provide the emergency services with good knowledge of the location and the company.
In training sessions, our employees are also regularly informed about possible dangers and the corresponding countermeasures.

In an accident, everyone knows what to do

If, despite all precautions, an accident does occur, our emergency management takes effect.

Our site is equipped with automatic fire detectors. We have also installed fire extinguishing equipment. All devices are regularly checked to ensure they are ready for use at all times. In addition, we can, for example, separate run-off water and other wastewater from the public sewerage system.

Our emergency response team is highly qualified and receives continuous training. Its members are on the spot quickly when needed. Everyone knows their job and exactly what to do. We train together with the local fire departments regularly.

Conduct in an emergency

If, for example, an accident or fire could pose a threat to the neighborhood, the people in the area around our plants are warned by public announcements from the fire department and the police. The first and most important precaution in such an event is to find a building. Bring children into the house. Please also help older people, disabled people, or passers-by to find safety. Close windows and doors. Turn off air-conditioning and ventilation systems.