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Wesel: Production employee Sascha Hubbert wins the Ironman in Hamburg

BYK congratulates - and of course we're proud, too, and not just a little bit: Our colleague Sascha Hubbert has won the Ironman in Hamburg! Ironman, that's the triathlon superlative: first 3.8 (!) kilometers of swimming, then 180 (!) kilometers of cycling - plus last but not least a marathon of 42 (!) kilometers. Everything non-stop, one after the other. 

Sascha was unbeatable in the men's triathlon long distance and completed the whole program in a sensational 8 hours, 30 minutes and 14 seconds, leaving around 3000 competitors behind. Only one woman - the German professional triathlete Laura Philipp - was even faster in the overall ranking.

Sascha Hubbert has no professional ambitions - fortunately, he will remain with us. He will not take part in the "King's Ironman" in Hawaii, despite qualifying. "I am very happy about the victory, because I did not expect it," says Sascha Hubbert sympathetically modest.

Ironman Hamburg

News | July 29, 2022

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